Video Editing

75 $

Video editing service built to help you make better videos, grow your business, and save you a ton of time.

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A video editor is by far the most important asset you can add to your team if you’re a YouTuber, digital marketer, or small business that creates and publishes online videos.
Maybe you have considered hiring an in house editor (expensive), tried to manage a freelancer (not reliable), or maybe you even edit your videos yourself (I tried that too before burning out).  In the end, none of these options ever work out.
The whole reason you’re making videos is to make more money, find more freedom in your life, and to have fun creating incredible videos…not to slave over your keyboard all day and eventually burn out.
Double down on making more videos and better videos with our flat rate video editing service that will add more value to your business than any other tool you’ve ever seen before.  I know it’s a bold statement, but that’s because it’s true.


Upload your raw video footage, complete a form, and we’ll deliver the finished product in 2 biz days or less.

If you don’t like our service for whatever reason you can ask for full refund within the first 14 days!
What types of videos can be edit?

We can edit any kind of online video from Facebook ads, instagram videos, to our speciality, YouTube videos.  We also edit commercials, real estate videos, and online course videos.  We do have limitations though and they are:

– The finished video can’t be longer than 15 minutes

– We can’t do voice overs.

Price for 30 min   you can add more depend on you video time